In World of wine that is ever changing and moving forward with the times The Wine Embassy bring very modern style of wine to the table with a simple concept. One that says exactly what it is on the bottle and gives wine and food enthusiasts a simple choice when searching for a wine to buy, ‘Red for Tapas’.

It couldn’t be clearer. Having food and in particular Tapas? Well here is the perfect wine to compliment.

They have also stuck with the current trend of making this wine Organic and suitable for Vegans. A smart move as more and more people begin to think about what they are eating and drinking, where it came from and how it was made.

As wineries try to get an edge on the market and offer something different to catch the confused eye of a wine shopper. The Wine Embassy’s idea and dream of founder Raúl Partida was to offer a wine for social occasions. Wine and food and in particular Tapas have been a way of life in Spain for centuries. The social relaxed atmosphere of a tapas bar with good food and wine is at the heart of Spanish living. Raúl wants to share part of this with the rest of the World and it’s all starting with ‘Red for Tapas’.

Raúl tells us his story below of how it all came about and the future plans for The Wine Embassy.

Raúl, where are you located and where is your wine produced?

I move to Finland in 2005 where I started a new life and formed a family. I am father of two beautiful kids who already love to go to visit vineyards and wineries with me!

So, The Wine Embassy’s sales office is in Helsinki, however the soul of The Wine Embassy is in Spain, where Red for Tapas is born.

We are not the X generation of winemakers; someone must be the first though and in our defence; we do it with the same passion and responsibility than many others.

Tell us about your winery and how it all came about?

Wine making wasn’t in my roadmap. Everything started when I had the opportunity to be part of some projects related to wine making. After that, the idea of being part of the earlier stages of the wine making process – not only at the very end when you just drink it – seduced me big time. I started developing such an idea, analysing possibilities, the HOW and little by little everything was getting to what today is The Wine Embassy and its Red for Tapas.

We are not the X generation of winemakers. We do not have an impressive wine related CV showing a rich history in wine making but we are very aware of this. The good thing about this is that it keeps us awake. We do not have a long family tradition to state in our marketing material so we need to work harder and be totally focused in the quality of Red for Tapas so we can find our share in this market. Also, it sets as one of our top priorities the improvement and efficiency in everything what we do.

Tell us about your vineyards

Our vines grow in the crossroads between the Centre and the West of the Iberian Peninsula; in the heart of La Mancha, considered as the largest vineyard area in the world, unique place due to its centenary experience in wine making and availability of resources.

At 700 meters above the sea level, the vineyard is surrounded by a vast expanse of flat terrain, without great heights and with beautiful red Miocene sediments of limestone structure.

The temperatures are extreme due to its continental climate, ranging from the winter cold of -15 C º to +45 º C to the stifling summer. The rainfall goes from 300 to 400 mm per year. Moreover, we have 3,000 hours of sunshine a year to sear our grapes; hence we get the best fruit for our wines.

The dryness and the high isolation of our land reduce considerably the risk of diseases occurrence on the vineyards and helps the adequate maturation of the grapes, giving rise to wines with an intense colouring, and clearly enhancing the aromatic intensity of our varieties.

Who are the people involved and what is their background?

Beside professionals from the wine industry itself I count with great brains with different skills, backgrounds and from different industries.

I believe that having people whose primary background is not from wine industry it is huge advantage. To look at the wine from a different point of view and perspective gives you the potential to innovate, to stand out from the crowd, to make the necessary twist to differentiate yourself. However, we all love wine and food! That it is a must-to-have at The Wine Embassy.

Where did the idea come from to produce a wine with this type of label and concept?

The label represents the chalkboard where the tapas lists, wine lists, menus of the day, etc. are displayed in bars and restaurants all over Spain, with a modern touch.

I wanted to highlight another face of Spain without using the well-known and topical symbols which in my opinion represent a very small part of Spain and its culture.

Good wine and good food can be found everywhere in Spain and its people gathering around. With Red for Tapas I want to express this fact; Wine and Tapas as a way of socializing, a way of eating and drinking, as a good excuse to gather and having good moments with friends and family. Tapas – also known as Pitxos – are not just small portions of food served with some drinks, Tapas together with wine are one of the biggest players in the Spanish culture in many aspects. Tapas is a way of living.

Tell us about the wines you produce and what makes them different or special

Red for Tapas is made for food. The blend of Syrah and the very Spanish varietal Tempranillo gives the wine the perfect body, tannins and acidity; the characteristic that makes Red for Tapas go well with a large range of food – and moments.

Also, the fact that Red for Tapas is organic and vegan friendly, and its price makes Red for Tapas a wine for everyone. Good wine should be suitable to everyone’s budget, we are producing premium quality at a popular price. An in addition, Red for Tapas is bottled using environmentally friendly dry materials.

I would say that Red for Tapas is the result of the love for wine, for food and for people.

Who is likely to appreciate your wines the most? Or is your target market.

As an easy-going person who I think I am, Red for Tapas is an “easy-going wine”. Whether you are a knowledgeable person about wines, or you just like to enjoy a glass of wine now and then, I believe you will enjoy Red for Tapas. It goes well with tapas, appetizer or with more elaborated recipes. I also recommend a glass of Red for Tapas while you are cooking.

What are your thoughts of putting wine in a can, would this process suit an “on trend” winery like the Wine Embassy?

Why not? Who is in this business and wants to make a living out of it shall listen to the market.

There is a misconception about the “low quality” of a wine if it is in a can or if it is in a bag-in-box for instance, but the wine at the end of the day is for being enjoyed. In my opinion, if people would enjoy Red for Tapas whether it is in a can or a bag-in-box… to me it would be an accomplished mission.

So currently you only produce just one wine, “Red for Tapas”. What are your plans for the future? Can we expect to see more wines to be paired with food?

For me, this is like a tornado, once you get in you cannot get out, so yes, I already have some ideas going on and the concept of Wine & Food will always be present in The Wine Embassy’s wines. However, we are still a small company so the focus for 2020 is Red for Tapas. But who knows what the future will hold.

You produce wines that are suitable for vegans, so will you produce a wine to perfectly match vegan foods?

Red for Tapas matches already with vegan foods. Red for Tapas goes very well also with dishes without any animal-derived ingredients. You can find already some recipes in our web page which pair very well with Red for Tapas. I also would like to invite to the readers to send us their own recipes, we will be more than happy to publish them in our web!