Recently I had the pleasure of receiving an Avina Wine Tool corkscrew and bottle stopper set.

From the moment you open the package you can see this is a quality product. The gift box it’s presented in is good quality with a nice design and instantly the two products looked good. I was excited to test these and see if they held up to initial expectation.

Starting with the bottle stopper…

We all know there are many of these available on the market and all priced differently.

But if you are buying a bottle stopper there really is only one thing that matters… does it work! I tested the Avina bottle stopper on red and white wine leaving the red wine for two days on the side and the white wine for two days lying down in the fridge. Avina states the stopper won’t leak when the bottle is lying down. They are right, no leaks out of the bottle which was great. And for the red, this did stay as fresh as a half full bottle can stay for two days when left on the side so all good.

The stopper didn’t feel that sturdy at first if I’m honest and I was concerned I might break it but maybe I was being heavy handed because it has been fine after multiple use. Avina also offer a stopper for Sparkling wine which will keep your fizz fresh. I have not tested this product but I would like to think this would be as good as the products I received.

Moving onto to the corkscrew…

I received what they call the Barracuda. The first thing you notice when you hold this corkscrew is its weight.

It feels like a top quality product and despite it being shaped like a fish which might lead you to think it’s a gimmick type product it’s not. The Ebony handle looks and feels great, the knife is long, sharp and cuts through the foil of the bottle effortlessly. The cork came out with ease and I didn’t feel like this corkscrew was going to give up on me half way like many cheap versions do. All in all it’s a great corkscrew and if you don’t want it to look like a fish you can always choose from the other styles available like the Falcon or the Jaguar that are more subtle designs.

I would highly recommend Avina Wine accessories and wine tools as a business to consider contacting if you were looking to a top quality supplier of wine accessories. For wholesale and distribution enquiries contact